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Corporate Governance and Institutional Review

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Corporate Governance and Institutional Review

JPLP is a law firm founded on the strong belief that proactive legal support is the most effective and cost-efficient way of mitigating legal risks in business processes. We are acutely aware that the many projects are not implemented within projected timelines because of implementation challenges associated with weak institutional frameworks. If these challenges are not addressed at the inception of project implementation, they often manifest in serious governance and reputational risks. This creates environments fraught with malpractices and invariably adversely affects programme delivery.
Many funding partners have encountered challenges of low disbursement rate. Significant time and resources are wasted on attending to programme implementation challenges that could have been avoided. This is often a result of capacity deficits in the institutional and corporate governance framework of implementing partners.
To address these challenges, JPLP seeks to support funding partners by providing tailor-made technical support as a process facilitator in the review of legal risks in business processes and enhancing corporate governance to achieve robust internal controls. This is a proactive approach to managing legal and corporate governance risks.
JPLP achieves its objectives by building strategic partnerships with credible funding partners to work on some of the underlying determinants for good business practices. We put together multidisciplinary teams that involve HR Consulting Firms, Audit firms and other entities that offer such technical support.
We take a broad approach to dealing with project implementation challenges as we understand the impact and interrelatedness of administrative and procedural processes to the corporate governance architecture of organisations.

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