Fees And Billing

Our fees are determined in accordance with the Law Society of Zimbabwe Tariffs. Legal practitioners are professionally and legally obliged to charge fees, which are fair and reasonable, for legal work, in all the circumstances. The tariff is useful in achieving a degree of uniformity and consistency. The fees we would charge are calculated based on the amount of time we spend on a matter, as well as the number of years of experience of the legal practitioner handling the matter.


Note that according to the guidelines set by the Law Society of Zimbabwe, we are also permitted to charge for our services based on contingency arrangements. We are happy to discuss the modalities of this upon enquiry.

In all instances, our fees are due according to fee statements presented to clients. The statements are always particularised to show the name of the legal practitioner raising the fee note; the hourly charge; dates, duration and nature of attendances for which work is charged.


Depending on the nature of the work or instructions being handled for clients, a deposit is sometimes requested either upon acceptance of instructions, or during the conduct of the matter. For more information on billing, please contact our Accounts department on

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