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Edith Jaricha

Managing Partner​


Edith Jaricha

Edith Jaricha

Managing Partner

LLB (cum laude) UKZN

Edith is a multi-award winning Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public with more than eight years’ experience in private practice. She is also a registered Arbitrator and a registered Administrator of deceased estates.
Edith is an experienced litigator and avid researcher. Her experience spams across the following fields of law; corporate and commercial law, employment law, family law, property law, estate management, substantial debt recovery and restructuring. 

In these areas of law, Edith has offered advisory services, effectively handled the litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes and has assisted clients manoeuvre various projects and protect investments. 
Edith is one of those rare individuals whose distinguished academic prowess and keen eye for detail manifests in practical results in her ability to solve problems and achieve favourable outcomes for clients. She brings added value by her ability to proactively identify clients’ legal risks and advise on appropriate mitigation measures.
Being exceptional in legal research and drafting of various legal documents and instruments, the firm takes pride in the reliability and competence of her work.  Her demonstrated eloquence, persuasiveness as well as acute ability to engage in dialogue, has often resulted in a quick efficient resolution of disputes, successful mediation between hostile parties and negotiation of mutually beneficial contracts between parties.

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